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Reach Your True Potential

Mastermind group coaching

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

Do you ever feel you’re not successful in all areas of your life? Do you have self-doubts, fears, or suffer from procrastination? Do you often wonder how to achieve your goals but fail to find the answers? Self-doubts, fears, and procrastination are all paths to failure, keeping you from growing and reaching personal and professional success.

But there is an easy way to overcome all this.

Mastermind group coaching

Join our Mastermind group coaching and connect with other like-minded people determined to help you grow. Break free from old patterns and benefit from the education, experience and influence of all the people in your mastermind group. Share resources and let members in your group help you reach your goals and achieve success faster than you could on your own.

What is Mastermind group coaching?

Mastermind group coaching is a concept first introduced by Napoleon Hill and defined as the coordination of the effort and knowledge of two or more people in a spirit of harmony to accomplish a definite purpose. It is a group of highly motivated individuals committed to developing themselves and others personally and professionally.

Regular meetings with your mastermind coaching group will give you:

  • The empowering action of many minds working together for a single goal;

  • The courage to step out from your comfort zone and help you find the answers to your questions;
  • Realize the attainment of your goals.

You will get the experience of a like-minded and success-oriented community that is eager to thrive in all areas of life, including:

  • Personal and professional development;
  • Relationships;
  • Finances;
  • Faith;
  • Fitness.

Why Join a Mastermind Coaching Group?

It is well known that two are more powerful than one, and three are more powerful than two. The path to success is far from easy. It has more downs than ups, and the temptation of just giving up is higher when you’re on your own.

Forming a true mastermind alliance with other like-minded individuals means working towards your accomplishments in a spirit of perfect harmony. The spiritual forces and encouragement from your support group will draw freely upon you, helping you carry on with your plans and desires.

This simple mastermind principle protects you from failure and helps your achieve your purposes through beneficial influence.

Through mastermind group coaching, you will:

  • Experience dramatic improvements in both your personal and professional life.
  • Focus on your abilities and develop them to achieve greater confidence.
  • Have more clarity on what your goals are, and on what you need to focus on next.
  • Gain the momentum and necessary energy you need to sustain yourself when you’re reaching rough spots.
  • Experience less false starts and spend less time learning through trial and error, thanks to the shared experiences of your group.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how others perceive you.
  • Sharpen your leadership and communication skills.
  • Give and receive life experiences and knowledge in a warm and friendly environment.
  • Achieve your goals much faster than you could ever achieve them on your own.

Are you wondering how all this is possible? Simple. Mastermind group coaching focuses on the development of a powerful support network that is always there for you. Like-minded people oriented to success will share solid feedback and perspective on your challenges.

You will learn how to move forward with your visions through clarity and accountability on your decisions and actions.

The support network provides empowerment, solutions, and opportunities. All these lead to an exponential growth towards your personal and professional goals, which ultimately means greater success for you.

YOU can reach your highest potential and witness an extraordinary transformation by simply joining our mastermind group coaching program.


How Does Mastermind Group Coaching Work?

Our Mastermind Group Coaching program is ideal for anyone who wants to experience an exponential personal and professional growth. It consists of small mastermind groups of up to 15 individuals dedicated to sharing their experiences, learning from the knowledge of others, and willing to help others grow.

During our sessions, you will:

  • Be accountable for learning from others;

  • Share your knowledge with others;

  • Ask, answer, and attend group questions and discussions;
  • Support the other members of your group during their journeys;
  • Ignite your future path.

Why Choose Me?

I’m Eefke Bodt, a successful mindset and performance coach. I learned about the “Mastermind Principle” in 2010 and immediately launched my first mastermind group. I define mastermind as “a small group of people who meet on a consistent basis. A group of 100% committed members focused towards the success of every other member in the group.” In other words, empowerment.This concept was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. Since I first learned it, masterminding has been very close to my heart. Just as Hill states, by joining a healthy mastermind group you’ll be able to borrow and use the education, experience, and influence, perhaps even the capital, of other people committed to carrying out your own plans in life.

I have created many mastermind groups since then, and what makes my programs different is my own commitment to helping you grow. Unlike other coaches who only form the groups, I actively train and help you in every step of your journey!




What Do Current Members Say?

“The past few months have been a really interesting journey!. Your ideas, systems and the support as well as the input from my fellow masterminders has really helped me launch my new venture, and do the pivot that was so needed in my life.” – Susan



What’s in for you?

1. Virtual and in-person meetings

We believe the success of mastermind group coaching consists of combining various mediums to get the most out of peering with others. Our sessions are a mix of online and in-person meetings that allow you to build trust and relationships with the members of your support network. Our members truly enjoy the virtual sessions that dissolve boundaries and connect people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

2. Ignition session

All of our mastermind group coaching programs include an Ignition Session in which your goals become the sole focus of the group. During this session, you can express your thoughts and ideas, and let all members of your support network help you towards achieving your goals.

3. Actionable advice

You will not only get shared knowledge and ideas, we will also give you actionable advice you can use to work towards achieving your goals. You will learn how to behave if you want to reach success in all areas of your life, and how to record your results so you can keep clear evidence of your progress.


So, what are you waiting for? We are now accepting new applications for our upcoming Mastermind Group Coaching Sessions starting in APRIL 2019.
Hurry up! Get in touch to learn more about how mastermind group coaching can benefit you and join our program today at a special price!