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My Unlimited Self Retreat will help you to:

  • > Master Your Mindset 
  • > Revitalise Your Well-being
  • > Boost Your Financial Health
  • > Take Control Of Your Life
  • > Find Your Unlimited Wellspring Of Inner Peace
  • > And Much, Much More!

  • All For Less Than $200 A Day (While Limited Spaces Last)


  • Are you feeling a little lost in life?

  • Are you tired of the same, self-defeating thoughts playing over and over in your head, day after day?

  • Perhaps you’re sick of worrying about money, with endless bills arriving at your door and you’re in need of a boost to your income?
    For A Life Changing, Six-Day Retreat

  • You have a higher purpose.

  • You can reach your highest potential and align yourself with your true path in life.

  • This isn’t just about your career.

  • Each one of us are born with innate gifts. Gifts that often get forgotten along the way, pushed into the background of our life by emotional blocks and the daily grind of our self-defeating, inner-talk.

  • What if I told you that there was a way to discover those gifts, and bring them rushing to the surface of your very being, and out into the world?

  • What if I could help you to bridge the gap between your newly discovered, innate gifts and your current skillset – creating a new, fulfilling life, bursting with abundance and financial stability?


My name is Eefke Bodt, and I used to be my own worst enemy.

I struggled academically as a child.

I had extremely low self-esteem as a young adult.

My life has been shaken with tragedy and loss.

Unable to function professionally, I took some time away from work and travelled around Asia.

I visited retreats and monasteries, and learned how to meditate.

And it changed my life forever!

After years of studying with spiritual teachers, I discovered just how much our inner world manifests into our outer world.

By using age-old techniques, taught by the greatest spiritual teachers for thousands of years, I learned how to change my life – permanently!

  • You Can learn in siX days whaT Took me a Lifetime to master

  • What You’ll Learn On My Six-Day Retreat:
  • My 12-Step Strategy For Success
  • Mastering Your Mindset
  • Inner Clarity & Awareness
  • Expert Communication Skills
  • Personal Leadership Skills
  • The Power Of Visualisation
  • Your Wellspring Of Inner Peace



Word on the Street

"If there is anything that I aim to do everyday, it is to spread the peace that I found in myself while on this retreat. It gave me the opportunity to soften the noise of the "hamster wheel", so that I could better hear the universe whisper. Forever grateful. Thank you for putting your everything into making this happen, Eefke! The retreat was life-changing.

John Smith

  • You’ll discover how the masculine aspect of your inner being has the power to remove the emotional barriers that prevent you from working towards your dreams.

  • From a spiritual standpoint, the masculine perspective has a strong, emotional influence in your life, as it governs your purpose, finances, confidence and self-image.

  • By going inward, and exploring the themes of value, self-love and manifestation, you’ll learn how your thoughts of lack can block the financial flow in your life.

  • You’ll discover why you think you never have enough.
  • ​.

  • If You’re Serious About Creating Real, Lasting Change In Your Life, This Retreat Is For You
  • You’ll come to understand the cycles and patterns in your life.
  • You'll identify the recurring traumas and themes that block you from reaching your highest potential.
  • You’ll learn how to break free from these negative patterns, and regain a sense of relief, clarity, purpose and confidence in your life – overcoming negative patterns that have plagued you for a lifetime.

Change Your Inner World And Your Outer World Will Change With It

  • These are trying times.

  • War, financial crashes, a rise in diseases and governments in crises – these messages are constantly relayed to us in the mass media, and penetrate our awareness daily – affecting how we see the world and ourselves.

  • All this has a negative effect on our consciousness and inner well-being, and the world reflects our inner state back to us like a mirror.

  • By taking control of our inner world, our outer world responds in kind, and it changes as we make changes deep within ourselves.

  • We must become comfortable with uncertainty.

  • The universe is in a constant state of change, and by accepting this change as reality, we learn to change ourselves for the better.

  • Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.

  • Today, I’m offering you the chance to be that change.
  • By joining me on my six-day retreat, you’ll be planting a seed, creating something new and becoming the change that you’ve been longing for in your life.

My Unlimited Self Retreat Will Help You:

  • > Master Your Mindset
  • > Revitalise Your Well-being
  • > Boost Your Financial Health
  • > Take Control Of Your Life
  • > Find Your Unlimited Wellspring Of Inner Peace
  • > And Much More!

  • All For Less Than $200 A Day – While Limited Spaces Last

You Can Take The First Step Toward Changing Your Life Right Now.

If you’re longing for lasting change in your life, this retreat is for you.

About Eefke

Eefke’s journey to becoming a successful mindset and performance coach didn’t happen overnight, nor was it easy.

She went through a lot to get to where she is today.

Her experience and early struggles prepared Eefke to make a lasting change in her own life, and the lives of many others.

Eefke has enjoyed an extraordinary level of success over the last 16 years, working with a unique, multi-culturally rich background of international clients, athletes and corporate organisations.

Offering a unique opportunity to learn what it takes to become the best, Eefke teaches her clients how to use their brain, emotions and inner experience to unlock the doorway to a better life.


April 29th - May 4th, 2019  Marrakech

June 22th - June 29th, 2019  Spain

Other dates will follow soon.

We hold 4 retreats per year.


  • > 5 nights accommodation - double occupancy (single rooms also available)

  • > All transfers from airport or train station to location

  • > 3 meals a day, made by a professionally trained chef

  • > Drinks all day (water, juices, wine with dinner)

  • > One 60 minute massage treatment

  • > 1-1 coaching for 2 hours per person

  • > Visit to a local market, and more activities

  • > Daily retreat workshops and teachings plus more.