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Peak performance coaching is all about self belief

One of the most famous Peak performance coaching examples happened in the sixties. I am the greatest, said Muhammad Ali, the world heavyweight boxing champion. Many laughed when he said this, and they even taunted him when he lost the title to other boxers. But he believed he was the greatest, and ultimately he did become the greatest boxer of all times. It proves the saying that ‘you become what you think’ if you are prepared to work hard to prove yourself right. It is your belief in yourself and your abilities that takes you to the top of your career. However it is belief alone, that makes a big difference in the life of an individual, whether it is in him or the God almighty.

Strong self belief can do wonders in Peak performance coaching

Talent and effort can do only this much and no more. Neither of the two will come to your rescue when you are on a mission. It is only your strong belief in your ability and self confidence that will help you in completing the mission. A lot depends upon the circumstances and the upbringing of a child for example. It is the job of the parents to instil confidence and pride in their children that they are the best and they can do anything that they want to do in this world. There are people who can easily qualify as perennial self doubters. These people will namely find a fault in the best of plans and effective techniques. There may be easy ways to lose weight but these men and women find a way to fail all ways or methods of losing weight. If I doubt the efficacy of the plan or my own ability to follow it, I am surely going to fail. This is much like the self fulfilling prophecy that says that an individual directly or indirectly helps in making a prediction come true.

Do not let self doubt set in

Like Muhammad Ali, if you believe you are strong, you can move mountains alone. On the other hand, if you are weak from inside, you will find that completing even an easy task becomes difficult for you. Any undercurrent of self doubt or vulnerability feeds on itself and snowballs to make your attempt at any task weak. You start to doubt your own ability. This can be the one single most important factor pulling you down all your life. You will be exposed to the same set of opportunities as your friends but you will find that they are able to make the most of these opportunities while you end up cringing about missed chances and circumstances.

Difference between successful and unsuccessful people

I am a firm believer of the thinking that there is one basic difference between very successful people and ordinary or mediocre people. Whether it is business, health, or life in general, I have found that successful men and women make the most of the situation that comes their way whereas unsuccessful people crib a lot and always on the lookout for a reason behind their failure. There is no single idea that will work for all the people all the time. But there are many ideas that can be made to work if you have self belief. You must have trust in your ability to discover a way to succeed.

Believe in your self

Believe me; as long as you believe in yourself, you will be able to work out a solution in a given situation. You do not need extra intelligence, resources, or opportunity to succeed. The confidence that you can tackle any challenge that comes your way is enough to make you successful.

So important is this self belief that you see nothing but success around you and the rewards associated with success when you believe you are success. On the other hand, the moment self doubts set in, you are doomed to fail in most of the endeavours you take up in your life. However you see failure even in success when you think of yourself as failure. I have found this to be true as I find my mind reverberating with extraordinary thoughts when I believe myself to be extraordinary. If I think of myself as worthless, I find that others take me for granted and treat me as worthless.

The power of self belief

The power of self belief is so strong that it can make a lame individual climb Mt. Everest. If you think you can, you will. This is the thinking behind the logo of Nike that says ‘Just do it’. The difference between life seen by a pessimist and life seen by an optimist is zero. The optimist feels life is good and that everything that happens is for his good. The life experienced by a pessimist is full of pain and suffering and he finds himself surrounded with feelings of fear, anxiety, and frustration. The world remains the same but what changes is the perception of the two categories of people. No one is born swimmer or cyclist. He or she learns these activities through trial and error. You will find that these activities are easy to learn and master if you try sincerely. But if you remain fearful that you will hurt yourself by swimming or cycling, you will not learn these wonderful activities.

Human beings have the power to improve

How you see life and yourself is reflected in a big way by the kind of life you are living. I am truly a person I believe I am. If you have lived a life full of negativity and all sorts of unknown fears, there is no reason why you should continue to live such a life for the rest of your years. As a human being, it is possible to bring changes in your life. I personally believe that human beings have the power to improve and become better. It all begins with having belief in yourself. You cannot hope to make progress if you think it is not possible to make things work. Most importantly, nothing or no idea will work for you if you do not believe in yourself. This belief comes from trying out new things and improving your confidence.

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