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It is all about your mindset

As a human being with a mindset, it is natural for you to keep collecting experiences from your surroundings and fellow human beings. After all, you learn to react and behave in appropriate manner based upon these past experiences. You become used to holding on to things and latch on to not just events and experiences but also memories, both pleasant as well as horrifying. You do not know why you do it but in a strange way it seems fulfilling to hold on to things and situations from the past. It turns out that no real purpose is served by holding on to your past. There are no benefits and by doing so, you only cling to past that holds you back.

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Let go of incidents as they are your past

You must be aware of the fact that many of your decisions in present life are based upon your experiences in the past and mindset. If someone said or did something to you years ago, you continue to hold a grudge against that individual for years even though it serves no purpose in your life. In fact, that person may not be even aware of your feelings while you justify your emotions and actions on the basis of that once incident that took place so many years ago. If you do not let go, the incident and the person become a part of your life story and hold you back.

See the power of letting go by de cluttering your home

The power of letting go works on not just feelings and emotions but also people and stuff you use in life. If you make a promise to yourself that you would touch everything in your home and ask if it is really useful or not, you would be surprised to know that there is so much of clutter that needs to be thrown out of your home. You feel lighter and your home starts to look cleaner and more organized than before when you conduct this exercise.

Feelings & memories

The same letting go experience takes place inside you when you replace objects with feelings and memories. Do the memories and experiences inside your mind really useful or you are just holding them as clutter? Once it becomes clear to you in your mind, you find that you can de clutter and clear your mind of all the rotting ideas and experiences that have held you back in life.

You have to win the battle mentally

When was the last time you tool a closer look at all the household items lying inside your home? I guess it must have been ages ago. You have become so busy with your schedule and life that you keep on buying things without getting rid of all the clutter that keeps piling on. Why are you not giving away things or throwing them away when you do not use them or need them?

Emotional attachment to things

Let us understand why you, like others, keep on buying and storing things without using them? The answer lies in your tendency to feel fearful when asked to lose things that you believe are yours. You develop emotional attachment to things and love to keep them around even though you never use them. But believe me, you start to feel lighter and better as soon as you decide to dispose of things that you do not need or never use.

Let things go 

Remember the time when you, as a small kid, were pedalling furiously at your bicycle and suddenly looked back to realize that your dad had let go of the bicycle. Or the time when you were moving hands like a butterfly furiously to somehow learn to swim when you suddenly found that your mom had let go of your body and you had actually started to swim on your own. Yes, you were not drowning but swimming on water. The same is the feeling when you decide in your mind more than physically to let go of things, people, and relationships.

The fear of losing 

You must have gone through crippling fear of losing an object, gadget, job, or a relationship. In fact, it is this fear of losing these things that makes one hold on to them even when they have lost their value or usefulness in life. Dive under your terror and let go of things. You will find that most amazing things in life happen when you decide to let go. A small bird fears for his life and seeks protection of its mother. It does not think it could fly like mother. This goes on for long until it decides to let go of his fear.

Barriers in life

Not letting go is a mental barrier that blocks you from exploring new opportunities in life. The same is the case with relationships that you value so much even though it is pretty clear that they have actually become toxic and are harmful for you. The fear of the unknown and the tendency to hold on to something that you consider valuable actually prevent you from trying new things in life.

Master your mindset and go to the future

Just remember that you have only one life to live. You have been bestowed by god almighty with the power to reason and to think logically. Holding on to things and relationships does not augur well for your future as it can adversely affect your finances, business, and overall psyche. It is the fear of what will happen that freezes your mind and limbs. But believe me, once you decide mentally that you are letting go, you actual start to soar in the skies as you feel light and relaxed. And remember it is all about your mindset.

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