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Master your mindset & focus

Master your mindset & focus. Here is why. I have found many individuals stuck in their careers, working clueless manner and feeling hopeless about their conditions. I have also seen individuals trapped in their circumstances, doing things they would never care about given a choice. This happens when people are not clear about their goals and they continue to work without any purpose. This causes frustration to set in and makes people wonder why they cannot find time to do what is important for them. Have you ever wondered that you have the same time that great people like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, or for that matter Frank Sinatra had?

With focus you will made smarter decisions

Then why it is that you are unable to achieve your goals in life while these individuals could do so much in their lives? The answer to this question is simple and obvious. These individuals, and many more like them, had a clear and focussed mind (Master your Mindset). They were better able to take smart decisions based upon choices they had.

Master your mindset, Peak performance coaching

Most of the successful people understand the importance of focus

Do you want to achieve success at any cost? Then you need not be super intelligent or a genius to outscore your competitors in school, company, or business. All you need is better and more efficient management of time by eliminating time wasting activities. Yes, a look at your daily activities is enough to let you know whether you are a focussed individual or not. You will find that these activities include many time eaters that are actually optional and not essential.


If you cut down on these time eaters and indulge only in activities that move you in the direction of your goals, you automatically become more efficient and also become successful. This is the power and potential of focus in your life. I have found with my personal experience that the amount of success that I enjoyed in my professional life was in direct proportion to the amount of focussed time that I had.

Use time efficiently as you cannot create it

The only thing in this world, if it can be called a thing, that man has not been able to make is time. Everyone from a fellow who does nothing to a great leader, business tycoon, or a scientist doing so many things in his life has the same 24 hours in a day. What one does in the same 24 hours is what differentiates a successful man from an unsuccessful man. Whether you are learning a new language or a chapter in physics, it takes you much less time to become proficient if you give focussed time to your learning than when you allow your mind to wander here and there aimlessly.

Focus & timemanagement = success

The same is the result when you are doing a business or playing a sport. You find that your ability and efficiency improves drastically when you are focussed. There is a proverb, also called Parkinson’s Law that says that work expands to fill available time. If you have the focus and know what you have to do to reach your goals, you finish a job in much less time than an individual who is not focussed and wastes a lot of time indulging in useless activities.

Focus upon things that help you move in the right direction

I have found people giving more importance to motivation, hard work, determination, and other such attributes when searching for factors responsible for success in a business. These people ignore focus that plays a crucial role in making an individual more efficient and productive. People take focus for granted and pay the price for ignoring it. If I ask you what focus is, you would say it is the ability to focus upon one’s goals while minimizing distractions.

Don’t lose your focus

If you are trying to prepare a report in office, your focus should be on collecting relevant information while avoiding distractions like hunger, urge to smoke or drink coffee, people in office, and even your tiredness and the desire to leave for your home. Without having your focus upon right things, you can only achieve little amount of success in your endeavours is because it is not just time but also your ability to think, perceive, memorize, reason, and problem solving that suffer. It is like a marksman missing his target because of lack of concentration. Your work quality also suffers as you are not totally focussed upon your efforts.

Try to exclude distractions from your focus

I have developed an easy technique to focus upon the job at hand and Master your mindset. I draw an inverted triangle with a cone at the bottom. Now I mention the activity that I need to spend most of my time upon in the top most area of this inverted triangle. This area has the maximum space and therefore I know I need to give maximum time to the activity mentioned in this space. I write all other activities in decreasing importance below this space till I get to the bottom of the triangle having least amount of space. In the bottom of the triangle are the activities that I know I should spend least of my time upon. The trick here is not giving direction to my mind to spend as little time as possible upon distractions.

Don’t worry if you fail sometimes

The trick lies in not mentioning some activities in this triangle at all. I am better able to focus upon the task at hand when I have deliberately left useless activities out of this triangle.Writing off some activities that I am passionate about (such as smoking or drinking tea every now and then) is often the toughest part of this mental exercise. I fail at times but more often than not, I find that I am better able to focus myself upon the task at hand. You may experience difficulty in the beginning but ignoring distractions to focus upon important things becomes easier when you start to taste success in your endeavours. Just remember to keep shifting order of things in this triangle depending upon the stage you are in.

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