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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a GPS that guides your soul?  Well, actually, you can!  There are ways that you can guide yourself through your life, just like a GPS guides you on a car journey.  And finding your passion is one of the big keys to setting your inner GPS to guide your soul.

There is a lot of talk these days about GPS devices and smartphones that have capabilities to guide you to your destination. You can sit and drive a car, receiving instructions all the way so that you can reach your destination with ease.

Driving has become much easier as you don’t have to waste time and effort trying to find where you’re going. You can undergo your journey in a calm and composed way, safe in the knowledge that you will be guided to where you want to go.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a GPS guiding you not only while you’re driving your car but also while you’re traveling through the biggest journey of all – your life?  

There are so many situations and times in our lives when we face dilemmas and don’t know which direction to choose – should we move right, left, forwards or backwards?  Which way should we go to avoid disappointment and rejection and experience happiness and success? These are the times when you dearly wish you had this GPS with you so that you could take the right decision or path.


Here are 5 tips to help you set your inner GPS to guide your soul through your life journey.



Most of us, at some point, feel the need for a guide or mentor, someone to tell us which path we should choose on our journey.  Most people are looking for inner joy, fulfillment, and more meaningful lives. Many of us make decisions on the spur of the moment. Some people stick to the teachings of their elders and teachers in school and college. And others are more instinctive by nature and do whatever they feel like doing.  

People who look inwards for guidance and use their intuition tend to make better decisions for themselves than those who seek the approval of their peers, friends, and family members.

If you want to be crystal clear on what you want from life, and the goals you want to attain, you must be aware of the things that mean the most to you. You need to become aware of your own passions.

Each one of us is unique and we all have different passions in life. It is these dreams and passions that drive us forward in a particular direction. Your dreams motivate you, excite you, fuel your efforts, and keep you going when the chips are down. Once you know your passions, they will serve as the GPS for your soul and keep you on the right track to move forward in life.



Being absolutely clear on things and matters that mean so much to you helps you to have lot more fun and enjoyment in your life. It also helps you to live life in a much more meaningful way, be it in the workplace, while running your business, in your health and fitness, and most importantly in the relationships in your life.  The GPS situated inside your heart guides you and helps you to make the right decisions and take the right path.



Everyone has their own passions and different people enjoy doing different things. Some people love gardening, some love walking their dogs, some enjoy driving their car or motorbike on the highway, and so on.

Fast paced lives leave little time for you to indulge in the activities that excite you and give you pure joy.  If you feel happy flying kites or playing video games, then make the time to indulge in these, or whatever your favorite pastime is. If you find that it is not possible to indulge in your favorite activity every day, at least find time to do it on a weekly basis.

Indulging in your favorite activities might not be your soul’s purpose, but you will find happiness and contentment by indulging in them. This is what your soul needs more and more of.  If you can visualize your soul as a plant, you need to give it water, sunlight, and fertilizer to nourish it. The more you make your soul feel happy and light, the more joy you will discover from.



Everyone has people who they look up to and see as his heroes or inspiration. They could be artists, writers, musicians, sportspeople, celebrities or political leaders.  Think about what it is about them that excites you and inspires you to be like them. Write down five qualities of the different idols in your life and try to emulate these qualities or virtues in yourself.



This is a very important lesson for all those who are searching for a GPS for their souls. You have to realize where you are now in order to be able to progress and reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Be patient and accept the realities of life to avoid feeling frustrated and disappointed. Resisting the realities of life is a big cause of disillusionment and dejection in life. It’s great to have goals and to focus on achieving them but don’t forget to enjoy the present moment. It’s all that you have. You can’t do anything about the moments that are lost in the past or the moments in future that you know nothing about.

It takes time and lot of experimentation to know what your true passions are. But once you know them, it becomes easy for you to behave, react, and take the right decisions in the different situations you encounter throughout your life.


So, you can set a GPS to guide your soul.  And, in fact, Lifestyle coaching helps you do just that.  It helps you set your own inner GPS and make better decisions in this modern world.





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