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All those who start a business do so with big dreams of success and money in their eyes. It is their belief that their idea is unique and they will be highly successful. However, in this age of cut throat competition and aggressive marketing offline and online, it soon dawns upon a vast majority of these entrepreneurs that things are not as simple and easy as they believed they would be. Many of these businessmen and business women start to develop doubts in their own abilities and become insecure and fearful as to what is going to happen next. Most are not aware of the fact that such negative feelings are a part and parcel of modern day business. Read on to know how you can cope with these feelings when thins do not turn out the way you have planned in your business.

 Self doubt raises head when the business is not doing well

Most businessmen remain free from worries as long as their businesses are doing well. It is only when the prospects appear to be bleak that they develop cold feet. It is when they find that sales are not increasing or the business is not expanding that they begin to doubt their own abilities. They start to feel that there is something wrong with them rather than looking at the possible causes of failure outside. Owners think they are not good enough to run their business. In fact, there is no dearth of men and women who start to think that they are not cut out for a business and that they should pull down the shutters as quickly as possible.

 Even the most successful of businessmen suffer from negative emotions

This can be a comforting thought for business owners who begin to doubt their own abilities when they see stagnation or their business going downhill. Yes, it is a fact that even the most successful of business owners feel nervous and insecure at times during different stages of their business. It is the outward appearance that is seen by the people. Only you know what is going insdie you. Scary emotions trouble all of us but successful entrepreneurs successfully hide these emotions form others and they appear to be confident and self assured. If others get the impression that you are fearful and insecure, they keep away from you and your business. This is when things actually become difficult. Not when you start to feel insecure and fearful.

Once you know that facing negative feelings is not unique and everyone out there undergoes similar emotions to a lesser or greater degree, it becomes easier to confront your fears and doubts. If others also experience negative feelings but still continue to flourish in their chosen businesses, why cannot you do the same? You can make your fears and doubts insignificant by questioning them in your own mind. Ask yourself if your fears and doubts are close to reality or just a figment of your imagination.

Make insecurity your friend

Who says you have to overcome your insecurity? It is very difficult to shake things up once you have carried them with you since your childhood. Your insecurity is one such aspect of your personality. It remains with you and goes to every place you go. Why fight this insecurity when all it does is to make you alert and run from dangerous situations? Instead of an insecurity damaging your personality emotionally, use it in such a manner that it becomes a driving force and helps you excel in your business.

Move out of your comfort zone

This is something that disturbs most people, whether they are doing a business or not. If you find it uncomfortable to be asked to give a speech on a podium in front of a sizeable crowd, practice it a number of times and you will find that you have stopped feeling butterflies in your stomach after a few trials. It is your own unfounded fears that pull you down when you are handling a business. You see yourself excelling in a particular aspect of business when you keep trying. Many of the fears are imaginary and it is only matter of taking a step in the right direction. You see your fears melting in front of your own eyes. You have to be prepared to move out of your comfort zone. In fact, push yourself into a position that is distinctly uncomfortable to beat your unfounded fears.

What scares you today is not scary after some time

Doing business at any level is tough and also easy for many. It all lies in your own head. You thought your heart would jump out of your mouth in front of a girl when you were 16 but now at the age of 30 you deal with so many women without experiencing any discomfort. Similarly, business circumstances that look overwhelming at stage one of the businesses appear to be normal once you are past this stage.

 Overcome your fears by seeking out advice from elders and friends

Nothing is more effective in dealing with your own fears and insecurities than the advice and experience sharing by other businessmen who have undergone the same fears in early phase of their business. The positive guidance and mentoring received by experienced businessmen has been found to reduce much of the self doubt of new and inexperienced entrepreneurs. If you are doing business and cannot take negative feelings any more, it is better to seek support from others.

Try distracting yourself

This is a tried and tested method of keeping negative emotions at bay when doing a business. If you start to develop doubts about your own ability or become fearful of certain outcomes, it is a good idea to distract yourself by indulging in relaxing activities for a while. Many people direct their mind to stop thinking negatively and focus upon positive things by looking at images or videos. This takes their mind away from negative feelings and emotions.