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Is it possible to break down through rusted thought patterns and continue with a fixed mindset? Mindset is a system of beliefs held by a man inside his head. This mindset evolves over a period of time and with constant interaction with people and the surroundings. I, like all other kids born across the country, came into existence with a clean slate in the name of mind.

Thought patterns

But I soon developed a thought pattern inside my brain based upon my experiences with objects and other human beings. This means that every individual has a unique mindset of his own that guides his emotions, and therefore behaviour and the manner in which he or she responds to different situations in his life. When thought pattern plays such an important role in shaping the personality of an individual, it is worthwhile making conscious effort to keep this thought pattern fresh rather than allowing it to get rusted. This rusted thought patterns serve no other purpose than to produce negative emotions and stifle the progress of an individual in his life both professionally as well as personally.

Rusted thought patterns develops slowly and becomes cemented

Rusted thought patterns develop slowly and gradually. But they become deeply entrenched in the mind of the individual. I have gone through this experience to know that these thought patterns can be about other people, about oneself, situations, places, and even abstract concepts. There are many factors behind such thought patterns but in general they develop because of anxiety, stress, low self esteem, depression, and self hate.

Personal circumstances important for rusted thought patterns

Also, different people face different circumstances and the way they are treated by other people important in their lives also plays a very important role in the development of negative or rusted thought patterns. In my own case, I found that I was guilty of reinforcing these thought patterns as I failed to challenge them and accepted them as normal thought patterns. But there is one thing that makes rusted thought patterns bad for the mental health of the individual and his relationships with others. These thought patterns influence his emotions and also lead to unconstructive behaviour.

The solution lies in identification and challenge of such thought pattern

Here is how rusted thought patterns start to play havoc with your feelings and later with your behaviour. For example, if you have a very low self esteem and you constantly think that you are a useless fellow, it triggers negative emotions inside your mind. This can easily lead to a depressive state where you will try to avoid contacts and relationships with others so that they do not find out how useless you are. You draw in your own shell and find yourself caught in this vicious cycle of negative thinking. On the other hand, banishing negative thoughts as soon as they raise their ugly head inside your mind is the best way to make sure that you do not experience negative emotions and feelings.

To defeat the cycle

It is not easy to defeat the cycle of rusted thought patterns. However, knowing how much you can benefit personally by keeping these thought patterns out of your system; it is definitely a worthwhile exercise for you. By banishing rusted thought patterns, you can experience happy mood, a much improved level of confidence, and a better life qualitatively speaking. You will also enjoy much better relationships with other people. If you have never given it a thought to get rid of your rusted thought patterns now is the time to make an attempt. I will tell you how to carry out this exercise that requires identification and later a conscious effort to challenge them. 

Some common examples of rusted thought patterns

All or nothing types of thinking

This is a type of thinking that leaves no middle ground and demands only the best from you. If you attempted a task and it was not excellent according to you, you start to blame yourself saying it was a total failure. If you do not look like a Hollywood hero, you consider yourself ugly. Just because your presentation at the office was not outstanding does not mean it was worth throwing in garbage. 

Stereotyping or over generalizing

This is another kind of rusted thought pattern that makes you develop negative thoughts about people and situations. Your green eyed girlfriend cheated on you doesn’t mean all green eyed girls are bad natured. You are not hopeless if you once or twice backed out of romantic relationships. This happens when your experience leads you to over generalize about things, situations, and people.


This is one example of rusted thought pattern where individual focuses upon a single negative aspect while ignoring all other good points about a product or person. People suffering from such thought pattern discount positive aspects. They always sound pessimistic even when the chips are not actually down. 

Doing faulty mind reading

This type of rusted thought pattern leads people to think that others have negative feelings about them. Even if they have not spoken out a thing. In my own case, I used to become anxious imagining future prospects and outcomes from situations and relationships. Luckily, I learnt how to identify such self defeating thought patterns to challenge them and finally banishing them out of my mind. I was also a victim of all or nothing type of rusted thought pattern that caused a lot of discomfort, anxiety, and even depression. I found that this type of thinking did not allow me to lower my guard to relax even for a minute. I thought that I needed to be perfect all the time and found myself trapped in my own unrealistic expectations.

Replace negative thought patterns into positive patterns

I started to challenge my rusted thought pattern by reasoning and by analyzing the information and the facts. It is possible to replace such thought patterns into positive ones with a little practice and passage of time. I know it sounds difficult but with practice you will find it easier to identify your own rusted thought patterns. Evaluate them in the light of facts and you will find that you are able to challenge and finally banish them from your mindset.

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