My Life Changing Programs

My Programs Have Been Designed To Help You Create Lasting Change In Your Life. By Focusing On Your Inner World, You Can Change Your Outer World Permanently

Dear friend,
I believe that the key to a lifetime of well-being and abundance is to look within.
I think you believe this too, and that’s why you’re here.

My programs have been specifically designed to give you the key skills you need to finally take control of your life.

> You will learn how to find your purpose, and become authentic and fulfilled.

> You will learn how to change those negative, automatic thoughts & behaviours that have plagued you for years.

> You will learn how to become happy.

I invite you to take the first step toward rediscovering what wise, spiritual teachers have known for thousands of years. I invite you to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’.

Let’s work together and I’ll show you how you can finally transform your life forever.

Light Your Inner Fire
12 Step Program
  • Discover Your Burning Passion In Life
  • Blast Away Your Crippling Self-Doubt
  • Race Toward Your Goals In A White Hot Heat

Mindset Training
Mindset & Performance Training
  • Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Remove Your Limitations
  • Kickstart Your Journey Toward Health, Success & Well-being

Learn How to Build a Life You Love (9 Week Course)
  • Bring Focus & Direction To Your Life
  • Find True Meaning 
  • Discover Lasting Fulfilment

Eefke was able to blast through  some of my  deepest rooted mindset blocks.

 I feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through on my intentions.  I firmly believe that I wouldn't be in this position without the help of Eefke.

Amy Johnson

Sales Director

I had never heard of Eefke before I found her on Facebook one day. The day I found her I was ready for empowering shifts in my life, but I was not actively looking for any help. I had desired though for a long time to be in touch with someone who could help me find my inner blocks, help me identify them and name them, and who would help me remove those blocks once and for all!

Choosing Eefke was completely intuitive and not supported by any online research. Her coaching advert just popped up on my computer screen and I felt an instant need to contact her. (Normally I ignore such adverts, especially when I have never heard of that person)!

Before meeting Eefke, I was convinced that I could help myself, with the support of all those self-help books. However, although those books actually did help me identify and successfully remove many of my inner blocks, there were still some issues so deeply rooted in me that I simply needed someone to help me see them. 

During my first session with Eefke, we managed to identify one extremely powerful block of mine that had been affecting my life choices for decades. I felt a mixture of emotions after that session: relief, joy, clarity but also confusion as that recent discovery made me aware of more interconnected issues. That’s when I decided to work with Eefke to gain clarity and get empowered.

Eefke has been a great listener. She is not afraid to name things as they ARE. I like that she doesn’t sugarcoat the truth. She is patient and creates an atmosphere of mutual trust. Thanks to her approach, I really opened up and could tell her things I was scared and embarrassed to even admit to myself!

Thank you Eefke for helping me on this path of self-discovery, self-love and self-acceptance. Your help has been life-changing and truly empowering.

Kasia Krasucka

Business Owner

Eefke has changed my life. I came to her with a lack of confidence and a fear of stepping into my power. Eefke provide me with clear direction, confidence and exacltly what I needed to accomplish the life I had been dreaming of for a long time. 

Eric Smith