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Explore your inner journey: awaken your inner fire

Awaken your inner fire and see what happens. Most of us live life in a routine. I can say this from my own experience as I rush here and there, trying to meet deadlines and goals. I find myself competing with my friends, relatives, and even my neighbours as I take note of their clothes, cars, and homes. In fact, I find myself participating in a rat race to be one up on all those who I perceive as my competitors.

Chasing your dreams and desires

Do you always chasing my dreams and desires just as I do? I am, like most of the people I have come across, attracted to money, material things in life, and property. I believe I will be happy when I have everything that money can buy. But I feel sad and disappointed when this thinking turns out to be incorrect. And that’s why I find that I am still unhappy and sad when I have everything from money and jewellery to property and cars. I find that I am always attracted to new things and see that I am never satisfied with what I have. This is because I am still not what I want to be and where I want to be. This happens because I have not started my real journey in life despite traversing thousands of kilometres in real life.

Leave the cycle of past and future to learn to live in the present moment

I can continue to pursue my goals until I die. It is only when I am dying that I will realize how worthless the entire exercise has been and I have not understood the real meaning of life and the time on this earth has finished, at least for me. More than 99% of men and women live their lives in this fashion and rue the fact in the end when it is time to leave this body to start a new journey. Every single individual learns this fact that hard way when he is living the last moments of his life. He has to depart empty handed, leaving behind everything from wealth and property to rank and following that he has earned in life.

Past and future

Everyone who is constantly chasing his dreams and desires lives in a cycle of past and future. The thing to remember is that what is there in the world is only the present moment and you can be happy only in this present moment. There is no use crying over spilt milk or worrying about your future. Learn to live in the present moment and you will find that your stress and anxiety are gone.

Awaken your inner fire: do not look for a reason to be happy

All my life, I thought I would be happy when I have the first million dollars in my bank account. I paid no attention to small things in life and never felt happy with my expensive gadgets and even my cars. To my utter surprise, I could not feel the excitement when I finally found that I had accumulated my first million dollars. The money has since been increasing in my account but I am still searching for that elusive happiness. This is because happiness is not there in the outer world in some gadget or money. It is not even in relationships that we treasure all our life. It is actually a state of mind that does not require a thing or stimulus.

Money makes the world go round, but a smile of your child gives you happiness

You can be happy without any money and you can be sad and dejected even with millions of dollars in your bank account. A look at the face of a small child is enough to tell you the secret of happiness. He can smile without any reason and this is also the reason why his smile is so pure and innocent. You smile and laugh but your smile is forced and not coming from inside. The moment you learn to be happy from inside, you will not need something to act as a trigger to make you happy.

You will find permanent happiness not outside but inside you

How can you become happy from inside? This is a secret that I am going to share with you now. It is not difficult yet it is surprising how few individuals have been able to reach a state of true happiness in their lives. All it takes is an inner journey conducted by the individual to reach his own consciousness. It is a skill that is learnt at first and then becomes a self guided journey to the inner consciousness. It is nothing but your true self that you are unaware of. You feel happy the moment you get to know your inner, true self. This is a journey that starts with meditation or a technique that asks you to delve deep inside your own mind and heart. It appears to be difficult but with practice, you find that you are able to delve deeper insdie yourself.

Start your inward journey to meet your true self

Lord Buddha is believed to be the enlightened one or the blessed one. Enlightenment is not something that can be described using words. This is because words have limited meanings and they fail to covey the real meaning of enlightenment. Just as you can experience music by hearing it but cannot describe it in as many words as you may use, the same is the case with enlighten. Just as you need a light bulb to make sense of things inside a room in a dark night, you can think of enlightenment as a big bulb that explains the true meaning of life and happiness to you.

Communicate with your inner self

Enlightenment occurs when you are able to communicate with your inner self, your soul. Your soul being an extension of the universal soul gives you immense joy and happiness without any reason. What you require is a higher level of consciousness than you are in at the present moment. You will be surprised to know your true nature as it is totally different from your outward nature and personality. As you gain higher level of consciousness, you will also become permanently happy.


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