Are you ready to lighten your inner fire

      by changing your inner game

You were created to impact the world. You were created to live the most amazing life. Now is the time to start. Download your Roadmap to light your Inner Fire


The key to living the life that you were created to live is to tackle your road blocks head on, is to deal with your limiting beliefs and your fears and unlock the tools and resources within you to see the most successful you powerfully rise

The Reason Why

Imagine a world where instead of living a treadmill existence and living a life of overwhelm, stress and anxiety in order to pay the bills, every single individual was in hot pursuit of living the life that they were created to live. A life that you derserve and no compromise

IIt all starts with a decision, a decision that you are no longer going to accept mediocre in your life, but are going to do whatever it takes to pursue the greatness that lies within you.

Let’s start working togheter

Eefke has worked with hundreds of people worldwide from diverse walks of life to help them take charge of their lives and create the reality that they truly want to achieve. We have been conditioned to let our outside circumstances dictate our life results and this is why people attract jobs that do not satisfy their hearts, relationships that they are not happy with and circumstances that weigh them down. It’s time to take full control and to rise above it all, to bring a shift in awareness and change the programming that will alter your life results. Life is about Inside out journey and never the other way around. Let’s start tapping into the most resourceful you today and create a fulfilling life.

Join our closed community of likemineded people all moving toward awaken our inner fire and deeper connection with ourselves. There is daily posts, free webinars, journey and other free content. We believe having a deeper connection to yourself is the answer to EVERYTHING, even the questions you don’t know you have.

You have come to this page for a reason. I want to connect with you to hear what that is. In this 20 min breakthrough session I will help you achieve clarity on what you want and this is the most important first step you can take. You will go away from our chat with real steps you can implement immediately. I look forward to connecting with you.


What if you could master your mindset, master your life and light your inner fire?
In the Light Your Inner Fire Package, I’ll show you how you can make the most of your life, leave the consciousness of fear behind and feel happier, more fulfilled and be authentically you.

With 31 pages, 12 audio tracks and 3 powerful exercises, I’ll help you get on the road leading to your inner freedom and ultimately light your inner fire!

About Eefke

Eefke’s journey to becoming a successful mindset and performance coach didn’t happen overnight nor was it easy. She went through a lot to get to where she is today.  Her experience and early struggles she faced prepared Eefke for what would come next.

And since then Eefke has enjoyed her extraordinary success with a remarkable, unique and special multi-cultural rich background. She has built her success over the last 16 years of working with international clients, athletes, and corporate organisations in the world.

Eefke offers a unique opportunity to learn what it takes to become the best.She teach you about your brain, your emotions, and coach you to unlocked the keys, tools and resources to transform your life. To live the life that you were created to live and to impact the world in the most amazing way.

“Every day, people settle for less than they deserve. They are only partially living or at best living a-partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness.”

~ Bo Bennett


Through the process, I gained useful insights and awareness that surprised, amazed and moved me. It changed my life to being fully present and listening with full attention. A wonderful experience!

Maria J. Signapore

Coaching with Eefke has been an evolving experience… I can allow myself to process emotions instead of suppressing them. I take the time to slow down and correct with myself which I rarely did previously. By doing so, I was able to realease a lot of the past and to gain self-confidence.

Ms. Ngyuen, Vietnam

Eefke helped me to uncover and transform the unconscious barriers I had to my own success. After working with Eefke my business was up over 100% in one year

Hue D. Vietnam