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There is no limit to your potential.

Awaken your inner fire.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have a clear mindset, laser-focus, unlimited reserves of positivity?

Do you want to be able to decide the direction of your life, following your passions and setting goals that energise you?
Maybe you feel like external events control your life. You want to be able to deal with them in a healthy way, deciding how they affect you.

Think of your mindset as a piece of complicated software. You need to scan for errors, locate the bug that’s holding you back, then use a program to change your mindset into a mindset for success.

You won’t get there on your own, or by reading through stuff on the internet. You need a guide to more wealth, health and happiness.

You want to be the best version of yourself.

I can help.

Get in touch now to find your inner fire, for rapid success in business and life.



What can Tummo do more for you?

If you fall into the category of people who want to make a great use of their existence, you need to ask yourself these two questions:

“What am I doing now?” “Where is it taking me to?”

~ Israelmore Ayivor


Eefke has a unique and gifted talent of seeing into your personality and mindset which allows him to strategize and coach you in a way that helps you achieve more while being authentic to who you are at the core. I would strongly encourage connecting with Eefke as your coach if you are truly committed to taking your life to the next level.

Brain K. USA

Through the process, I gained useful insights and awareness that surprised, amazed and moved me. It changed my life to being fully present and listening with full attention. A wonderful experience!

Maria J. Signapore

Coaching with Eefke has been an evolving experience… I can allow myself to process emotions instead of suppressing them. I take the time to slow down and correct with myself which I rarely did previously. By doing so, I was able to realease a lot of the past and to gain self-confidence.

Ms. Ngyuen, Vietnam

Eefke helped me to uncover and transform the unconscious barriers I had to my own success. After working with Eefke my business was up over 100% in one year

Hue D. Vietnam


Eefke speaks at events, network meetings, summits, seminars and conferences but also at meetings for individuals, companies, and institutions.

Eefke is passionate about Your Inner Fire. She helps and Inspire’s people reveal their full potential and add value, their ability, to take their life, studies and business to new heights.

Wondering how I’m qualified to help you?

Following are my accreditations in coaching, mentoring, and more…

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